2012 - 2015 Urban Planning with Space for Water in Ho Chi Minh City Client: Steering Center of the Urban Flood Control Program Ho Chi Minh City

The overall objectives of project are to research and propose the solutions retention/ detention ponds in order to mitigate current state of flooding issues and prevent possible flooding positions due to the impacts of urbanization and climate change, and establish the management procedures and regulations related to rain water in sub-catchment areas proposed to the HCMC People Committee serving the urban planning and management.

The focused areas for proposing the procedures and calculation parameters of retention/ detention ponds are: Bau Cat (Tan Phu District), Go Dua (Thu Duc District) and Khanh Hoi (District 4)

WACC is to provide certain services/ outputs such as:

  • Evaluate the current state of flooding in HCMC
  • Propose the rules and regulation in rain water space management
  • Evaluate the need of rain water regulation
  • Evaluate stategy of environmental impacts at the study areas
  • Spatial planning for rain water regulation